More accurately described as:  The Demolition Report.

This is the week… the week where they tear apart our house to replumb the entire thing.  They called out the heavy artillery today… THREE plumbers:


So far, they have blocked off most of the house with lovely new plastic walls:


so that as they cut all the holes, the drywall dust and junk from inside the ceiling doesn’t get everywhere in the house.

So far I think I’ve counted 23 holes… lovely ones such as the holes in the ceiling above and these in the walls:


There are several more in the garage and they still have to cut holes above my computer desk and in the kitchen to the icemaker, and behind the dryer. 

See, YOU TOO could have lovely new white and red tubes hanging from holes in your ceiling… ya.. I bet you are really jealous..


So as you can see… this is why stamp class had to be cancelled this coming Saturday. After the plumbers are done this Friday, we’ll get a drywall contractor in here next week, THEN we have to bascially repaint the entire downstairs…. this little broken pipe turned into the major reconstruction project of the decade for us!!  yuck. 

We have much to be thankful for, though, and are keeping the Southern Californians in our prayers this week as they battle the fires and evacuate to safety.  I was born and raised down there and remember those "Santa Ana winds" all too well at this time of year. They could whip up a fire in no time.  My prayers for safety for all of you in that situation!