My previous post featured 4×4 size cards… I was asked "why did you make them 4×4?"… here is why:

I cut my 12×12 textured cardstock from the Tie the Knot Simply Scrappin’ kit like this:


They are all 4×8 pieces with a 4×4 left over for punching out extra circles or scallop circles.

Then I cut my patterened paper from the SS kit into 4" strips, and cut each one into 2×4 or 4×4 pieces like this:


This yields 24 TEXTURED 4×4 cards (4×8 folded in 1/2) PLUS I still have the 3 sheets of Kraft cardstock which will yield 12 more cards! 

The patterned paper in the pack yields WAY more than enough for the 24 cards.

I put the 4×4 cards in the regular size Stampin’ Up! Medium envelopes and mail them that way.

Hope this helps you see the value in this kit.. if you are using it for cards, you can get 36 4×4 cards out of a pack!  Cool, huh?

OK, there’s your tip for the day!

~ Patty