Recently I shared a video of my Stamping Loft.. a craft room tour of my little space.

Click here if you missed the craft room tour video.

One of the things that solicited a lot of comments was my 3 tins of loose stamps…


In the photo above, you can see the 3 tins I have with loose stamps.  This is probably my favorite craft room organizing tip!  The stamps are mostly greeting stamps from various sets, and I keep them next to my stamping desk so that I can grab them quickly, use them, clean them and put them right back in the tin.  I don't like to have to think about which set a thank you or birthday or get well greeting might be in, so I just like to keep them handy like this.  Lazy? hmmm.. I would rather think of it as efficient 🙂


You'll notice though that most of them are Wood Mount.  Stampin' UP! offers 3 different types of stamp options, Wood Mount, Clear Mount and Photopolymer.  You can see all 3 types on pg 4 of the Current Annual Catalog.  I get asked often, "Which type of stamps do you prefer?".  My answer is all of them, actually…. I really love the wood mount stamps for my greetings, BECAUSE of the way I like to store them (above), but I also like greeting sets in photopolymer so I can stamp them just where I need to.   And YES, I've been known to buy a set in wood mount and Photopolymer… not often.. but I have done it.

I like the Clear Mount for the more reasonable price, and smaller storage requirements, and then I REALLY love the photopolymer just because I can see where I'm stamping the image AND they stick to the clear blocks like nobody's business!!  I love that!!   So.. I buy stamps in all 3 options… mostly photopolymer, 2nd wood, and 3rd choice is clear.  That's just my preference.. no right or wrong about it.. it's a personal choice for everyone.

After I scoured 3 stores looking for the perfect variety of small tins to hold my stamps in, I happened upon this one in Target one day…. LOL.. you be the judge.. it might be a tad bit too big for my loose stamps 🙂


So let me hear from you … what is your favorite?  Wood, Clear or Photopolymer and why?  Leave me a comment below (on my blog) and let me know!

You can view all of the stamps that Stampin' Up! has to offer

HERE in my online store.


{Edited to Add at 10:30am:  Connie asked in a comment below, how I keep track of where those stamps go… one good thing is that I'm blessed with a really good memory and I usually can remember where they go, and if not, I look at the GREETING INDEX on pg 245/246/247 of the current Annual catalog and I can usually find which set they go in.  I don't actually put them back into their set until the set retires and I sell or donate it.  Hope that helps?}

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