One of the most delightful places on earth is

The Container Store!

My crafty friends and I LOVE to shop there.. it's an all day "field trip" for grown ups! 🙂

I am always on the hunt for the best way to organize everything in my craft room, and after several years of shopping at the Container Store, I have some shopping tips and suggestions for making your trip fun, exciting and successful!


   On a recent trip I was doing a really horrible job at trying to take a selfie, and one of the workers graciously asked if she could take our photo for us.. I'm sure she was tired of watching me struggle!! 🙂


So, my BEST TIPS when shopping at the Container Store, IKEA or any other wonderful organizational supply store…

1. TAKE STUFF WITH YOU!  Take a variety of embellishments, papers, tools, etc.

2. TRY THE PRODUCTS OUT in lots of different containers! See what works for you.. what style are you drawn to? How will it fit on your table or on your shelf!?


3.  LOOK AROUND / TAKE YOUR TIME: You might have to look around for a long time (yes, we've been known to spend 3 hours in there!) until you try it all out and find what you like best!

Here are a few of my Stampin' Up! supplies I take with me.. cardstock, embellishments, paper stacks, stamp set cases, and last time I also brought embossing folders and catalogs with me.  You never know what you are going to want to organize in the perfect container!


4. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.. this lazy susan turntable was in the kitchen section.. I think it will be perfect on my craft table!


Doesn't this just make your heart go pitter-patter?


Cindee first turned me on to this great idea.. she uses these little scoops from the kitchen section for embossing powder!!  Someone else suggested using it for glitter or sequins for shaker cards.. how fun!


One thing I like to do at my stamping desk is to have a stack of stamp sets that I need to use next… I found this box that fits the Stampin' Up! stamp set cases perfectly.. so this pretty box will be going on my desk!


A bonus.. it also fits 6×6 embossing folders (and the smaller embossing folders) so I got a 2nd box for that purpose!

And, just because you can't have a successful girl's day out without eating…

we stopped at Buckhorn Grill first..


I'd say this was a sign of success! (it's NOT all mine!)


 For more about how I've organized my craft room, SEE THIS POST and VIDEO.  Leave me a comment if you have found great organizing tools or containers you'd like to share with me!


 Below are some of the Storage Solutions Stampin' UP! has available to you .. you can click on any item to see more details or purchase it in my online store 🙂




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