Use your Stipple Brushes and ink refills to create blended/shaded effects!

Enjoy this technique from one of my recent 6×6 Technique book classes.

Supplies:  Solid stamp images, Stipple Brushes, Ink refills, Classic Ink pads


Directions for this Technique:

  1. Choose two complimentary colors of ink, such as 2 colors you would choose for a 2-Step Stamping design
  2. Ink the solid stamp in the LIGHTER of the 2 colors, using the ink pad to ink the stamp.
  3. Place a few drops of reinker of the DARKER color into the lid of the darker color ink pad.  Dab the Stipple Brush into the reinker drops.
  4. Stipple the darker color onto the inked stamp, blending and fading out at the point where the 2 colors meet.
  5. Stamp image on your cardstock.