I was soooooooo excited to learn this new watercoloring technique – taught by Connie Ingram at the Seattle Stampin' Up! Regional and shared by Sandi MacIver – I am having a fabulous time watercoloring roses! 

This will be one of the 6×6 Technique Projects we make in my class on Monday/Tues next week.  Stay tuned next week for details & directions.


Watercolor flowers 

Here is some of my inspiration… the bouquet I picked in my garden yesterday!!! whoohooo! I love spring!!

Vase april 09 

EDITED TO ADD:  many have asked where I live to have such wonderful blooms already in mid-April… I live in the San Francsico Bay Area and we have had a very mild winter and warm spring, so my roses are VERY HAPPY.  They are usually in full bloom by the end of April, and by Mother's day my garden will be overflowing 🙂

Signature hybiscus