Necklace box I made one of the Beveled Windowpane necklaces for my downline Cindee who was so kind to take swaps to Leadership for me, since I could not attend… and several of you have asked for more info on how to make these.. so here are a few more tips for you…

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1.  you will notice 3 sizes of Windowpanes in the package, I used the largest one for these necklaces.

2. measure the size of the windowpane you are using and cut your cardstock or DSP to that size

3. stamp or decorate your piece of cardstock as desired.

4. put a small amt of snail at the very top and bottom of the cardstock/dsp and adhere it to the back of the windowpane to hold it in place while you get the ribbon on

5. place this on the cutting mat from the Mat Pack, paper side down/window pane side up, and use the Craft knife to cut slits in the cardstock, (you will place your knife in the slots in the plastic)

6. Thread your ribbon through the slots and to the back, securing with sticky strip, or snail, or glue dots or Crystal Effects. (I used crystal effects)

7.  add a loop of ribbon to the top, using your choice of adhesive (I used Crystal Effects).

8. if desired cut another piece of DSP or carstock to attach to the back to cover the ribbons (see photo in this post for a back view).

9. string a length of ribbon through the loop for your necklace

10. embellish with your choice of Key and Crown Trinkets, brads, flowers, etc.

wear and enjoy!

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