Stampin Up Maui Incentive trip 2021


Thank you for all your kind comments on my posts last week about our amazing Stampin’ Up! Maui Trip!!  What a fun week we had at the Grand Wailea resort on Maui!! The resort is huge and amazing and gorgeous!  It is amazing to realize that only 1% of all Stampin’ Up! demonstrators earn the Incentive trips!!  I have worked hard for many years to build my Stampin’ UP! business to achieve this yearly incentive trip. 

WARNING:  Long Travelog blog post 🙂

But first things first, we had a 7:20am flight from Oakland, California, to Maui, and I LOVE taking photos of the San Francisco Bay area as we take off on any flight.  Here is downtown and a snippet of the Golden Gate Bridge as we flew right over it!


San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge from the air on Hawaiian Airlines,

On the Stampin’ Up! Incentive Trips, they are so generous and pay for our resort room (or cruise cabin), tips, food and flights!  We upgraded to First Class, paying the difference, and it was delightful to relax in comfort, and be served such a lovely breakfast after all of the work it took to register for all of the preclearance sites, registration forms, QR codes, and covid tests prior to takeoff.  There was a checklist of 10 different forms, sites, tests, etc., that needed to be done prior to flying.  We felt like we were able to take a deep breath after the ticket agent at the Hawaiian Airlines check in gave us our pink preclear wrist bands!!  Hawaiian Airlines was terrific!


First Class flight on Hawaiian air Oakland to Maui, delicious breakfast


Always fun to travel with friends to a Stampin' Up! Incentive Trip!

It’s always so fun to fly to Stampin’ UP! events with other demonstrators!!!  Rosie, Gina (and Amanda, not shown) were on our flight!!  So fun to get the party started in the airport (even it if was only about 6am)!!

We had to wear masks in the airport and on the plane.  I really thought it would make me crazy on the plane, but it really was ok.  We have been so used to wearing them for a year now, but are looking forward to the day when we no longer have to!!


First Class flight on Hawaiian air Oakland to Maui, delicious breakfast

After 5 hours flying over the Pacific ocean, we spotted Maui and Jason spotted the Grand Wailea Resort (yellow arrow)… he has eagle eyes!


Maui and Wailea from the air on Hawaiian Airlines,

Everything went pretty smoothly in the Maui airport, with all the preregistration and preclearance we did ahead of time.  We went through several checkpoints asking for our wristbands, or certain forms or QR codes, and we were off to baggage claim.  Stampin’ Up! has porters to handle all the luggage so we are spoiled and love having it show up in our room after a ride to the Grand Wailea resort!!!  Below was our first look at the lobby…. ya… this is the lobby. 🙂


Stampin Up Maui Incentive trip 2021 at the Grand Wailea Resort,

This resort sits on 40 acres and this is the view of part of it from the beach path.  Just Amazing!


Grand Wailea Resort property from the beach walk - Stampin' Up! Incentive Trip with the Bennett family.


Grand Wailea Resort room 9084 balcony view - Stampin' Up! Incentive Trip with the Bennett family.


Above: view from our balcony, room 9084.  Jason had the adjoining room. It was so nice of them to accommodate our request!!  Stampin’ Up! pays for Eric and I and we have always paid extra to bring Jason on each trip since 2001. 

Below, our gorgeous, spacious room and equally spacious bathroom!


Grand Wailea Resort room 9084 - Stampin' Up! Incentive Trip with the Bennett family.


Grand Wailea Resort room 9084 bathroom - Stampin' Up! Incentive Trip with the Bennett family.

Love this sign that was hanging on our door!!  Such a thoughtful touch from the Stampin’ Up! Event Staff!!


Stampin' Up! Maui Trip Grand Wailea Resort door decor for Trip Achievers!

This was a “pillow gift” on the first day (they leave it on the bed).  A beautiful towel and sun hat!!


Stampin Up! Maui Incentive Trip pillow gifts hat and beach towel


Bennett family Maui trip - Stampin UP! incentive trip 2021

Above & Below: we took a walk on the beach on the first night and had dinner at a nearby hotel, then caught the gorgeous sunset, and then attended the Welcome Aloha Carnival!


Sunset at the Grand Wailea, Maui.

More amazing pillow gifts from Stampin’ Up!  Yes, that is new product from the upcoming Holiday 2021 catalog!!! eek!!

Stampin Up! Pillow Gifts, bag and Holiday Catalog product. Maui Incentive Trip


Patty Bennett and Sara Douglass on the Stampin' Up! Maui Incentive trip 2021

Above: Stampin’ Up! CEO Sara Douglass.  She is a gem.. a sweet, sweet person, and someone I admire so much!  So glad we snapped this photo just after we arrived on the property!!!

On the first full day, Eric and Jason went to the Kapalua PGA golf course for a fun day with Dave and Geoff. 

Kapalua PGA golf course Maui 2021


We participated in 2 excursions offered by Stampin’ Up! in Maui.  We went to the Maui Ocean Center and to Lahaina one day for shopping and lunch.  The Shark Tunnel at the Ocean Center was amazing!!


Shark Tunnel at the Maui Ocean Center


Below: A highlight of each Stampin’ UP! trip is seeing dear friends, making new friends, and taking time to visit with each other!!  Cara and Ruth and I spend some time chatting, and Janet Wakeland, Janice Weightman and I reunited for a long overdue photo … we’ve been friends for over 20 years through Stamipn’ Up!


Cara, Patty and Ruth, Stampin' UP! Incentive trip to Maui 2021

Stampin Up Incentive trip to Maui 2021. Grand Wailea Resort. Jan Wakeland, Janice Weightman Patty Bennett


Stampin' Up! Aloha Carnival at the Grand Wailea, Maui, 2021

Stampin’ UP! is so good at spoiling the demonstrators!!   We enjoy “spin the wheel” for a prize each day as well as lovely gifts all week long!  I forgot to include the darling straw bag… but I pictured it above in this post.

Stampin' Up! Incentive Trip to Maui pillow gifts.


I am pretty sure this is the best view I’ll ever find for my daily blog posts… so lovely!

Stampin' UP! desk with a view from my balcony at the Grand Wailea Resort.

Stampin' Up! pillow gifts from the 2021 Holiday Catalog, Maui Incentive Trip

Yes, did you see it… NEW Holiday catalog 2021 products!!  Whohoooo!!! 


Grand Wailea Resort Luau, last night of the Stampin' Up! Incentive trip 2021

On the last night we attended the Stampin’ Up! farewell luau at the Grand Wailea. It was amazing and the sunset and weather were perfect!


Grand Wailea Resort Luau, Bennett Family, last night of the Stampin' Up! Incentive trip 2021

Grand Wailea Resort Luau,  last night of the Stampin' Up! Incentive trip 2021

Stampin’ Up! provided breakfast for us each day.  I just love the fruit in these cute containers… butter and cream cheese were offered the same way.  I guess with all the covid protocols, this was the easiest way for people not to handle serving utensils.  This beats my eggo at my desk any day!


Grand Wailea Resort, Maui, breakfast buffet with Stampin' Up!

Flying home from the Stampin' Up! Incentive Trip to Maui on Hawaiian Airlines

Flying home is always bittersweet… sad to be leaving paradise, lovely service, amazing food, fabulous views, dear friends… but of course always nice to get home and back to a work routine again.


Flying home from the Stampin' Up! Incentive Trip to Maui on Hawaiian Airlines

Thank you again, Stampin’ Up! for another amazing trip!!  Looking forward to the Caribbean in 2022, and the Baltic in 2023!!


MORE Maui photos

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