Merry Christmas to you!!! 

Yesterday I shared our Bennett Family Christmas card and photo with you. Today I’d like to share some of our Christmas decorations with you!! 

Bennett family Christmas tree 2021


Our tree is very tall, because our ceiling is super tall!! I love hanging special ornaments on it every year!!  Below are a few that I thought I’d share with you.  You can see that some are cross-stitched… back when I had better eyesight and didn’t stamp as much 🙂  Several ornaments are handmade, and lots of them are penguins 🙂

Bennett Family Christmas 2021 some favorite ornaments


We added this mini tree to our collection this year.. all of my mini Starbucks mug ornaments are hanging on it!!!  I saw the idea somewhere on Facebook and thought I’d adopt it for my collection!! 


Bennett Family Christmas 2021 some favorite Starbucks ornaments on mini tree


If you’ve followed me long, you know that I have a huge love for penguins.. and we have dozens if not probably hundreds of stuffed penguins and penguin ornaments.  Most of our Christmas wrap is also penguin themed.. so .. LOTS of Christmas penguins hanging out at our house!


Bennett family Christmas tree 2021 with Penguins


We wish each of you a very Merry Christmas!!  

love from the Bennett family!

Eric, Patty & Jason