Remember my super stampin’ friend, Sharon?? Well.. yep, she did it again.. she gave me a gift a few months ago that I turned into this Paper Bag Book class!   I revamped the design slightly and used the same Rose Cottage Simply Scrappin’ kit she did.. LOVE these colors!!  Everyone who made this in class this week really enjoyed it, not only how easily it goes together but decorating it with the Simply Scrappin’ Kit is tooooo fun!


Each paper bag has a “pocket page” that slips inside:

Pocket pages

and there are also cardstock pages in between each bag.


Top view







The pages in between the bags are all decorated with the Simply Scrappin’ kit:

Sample insdie

Open book

Here are some dimensions for you:

Paper Bag Book cutting dimensions

By Patty Bennett ~

Paper Bags used:  6-1/8” x 4” x 12-3/8”  “Giant Size AJM” bags from Smart & Final (50 pk)

          Cut the bottoms off of 4 bags as follows:

                   1 bag cut at 4-1/2”

                   1 bag cut at 5-1/2”

                   1 bag cut at 6-1/2”

                   1 bag cut at 7-1/2”

Cutting Directions: Using your Simply Scrappin’ Kit, follow these cutting directions to make a decorated Paper Bag Book:

1.        take 3 of the solid color cardstock sheets from your pack

2.       cut each sheet in ½ (so they are 6”x12”)

·        cut one color at 5” (yield: 5”x6”)

·        cut a 2nd color at 6” (yield: 6”x6”)

·        cut a 3rd color at 7” (yield: 7”x6”)

a.       this creates 3 “pages” for in between the paper bags

3.       using 3 of your remaining 6×12 sheets, trim them down to 5-3/4”x12”

·        cut one color at 4” (use the remaining 7”x5-3/4” piece)

·        cut a 2nd color at 5”

·        cut a 3rd color at 6”

a.       this creates 4 pieces for inside each paper bag (you may have to trim them again slightly if they stick out of the bag too far)

Assembly – top to bottom:
          4-1/2” bag

          5×6 cardstock page

          5-1/2” bag

          6×6 cardstock page

          6-1/2” bag

          7×6 cardstock page

          7-1/2” bag

   Staple them together, and cover staples with a cardstock or patterned paper strip using STICKY STRIP.

Decorate your paper bag books with the patterned paper in the SS kit and the self adhesive die cuts.  Use the “tabs” in the die cuts for your paper bag book inserts or use the Round Tag Punch for tabs.

1 Simply Scrappin’ kit yields supplies for 4 Paper Bag books of this size.

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