The highlight of our Founder's Circle trip here in Southern Utah was to visit the Stampin' Up! manufacturing facility in Kanab, UT, about 2 hours from here (St. George).  On Friday, the Founder's Circle members boarded lovely busses and had a super fun bus ride to Kanab.  (they supplied us with endless snacks and bottled water and games to play and interaction with Shelli and the SU! staff!). 

When we arrived in Kanab, we got off the bus at the SU! facility:

Su kanab 

Once inside, I thought I'd apply for the receptionist position….

Me su reception 

Here I am with my friend Stella in the lobby:

Stella me 

We took photos in Shelli's apartment, which is upstairs in this facility… I'll blog those later..

During our tour of the plant, we saw how the Stampin' Up! rubber stamps are made, from raw rolls of rubber, to putting all the pieces in the plastic container and putting it on the truck to Riverton for distribution… it was absolutely FASCINATING and so educational.  I love that show "How It's Made"… this was like being in our own "How It's Made" show!  We got to die cut some rubber stamp sets, and we got to package them up too!!  It was soooooooooooo fun!  No photos allowed.. so you'll have to close your eyes and imagine.

After a few hours at the manufacturing facility, we got on the bus for a short ride to a lovely park where Stampin' Up! treated us to custom made Subway Sandwich lunches:

Kanab lunch 

THEN… this is so cool… we walked out onto the play structure area where Stampin' Up! donates crushed up defective or excess rubber to cushion the area under the structure.. it is the softest bounciest surface you will ever walk on!

Nancy said she got a pedicure just for this photo.. so I took the photo of her feet!

Nancy feet play structure 

Isn't the colorful rubber just too cool?
Me play structure 

Sometimes I have to pinch myself.. I still can't believe I'm on the Advisory Board.. here I am with my fellow AB members (I'm in the center, peeking through the ladder):

Ab play structure 

Here is some of the gorgeous scenery surrounding the park:
Kanab mtns 

We rode the bus back to St. George and in our rooms, waiting for us where these gorgeous personalized necklackes!  They are FAB!!!


That pretty much wraps up Friday… I'll be blogging about our Saturday adventures soon. 

The staff has been amazing here at the Marriott and of course the SU! staff outdid themselves! What an amazing trip this has been!

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